Value Added Services

It's all about Diversity

SS Invest’s proficiency in financial modelling and valuation allows for additional value-added services where customisable templates, tools and calculators can be provided and maintained to meet your business needs. If you have an API, dynamic models can be constructed with real-time updates.

Examples of these models include:

  Dynamic equity valuation

  Discounted cash flow template

  Monthly budget template

Reads bank statements to determine historic spending which is used to forecast future spending. Overrides can be used to accompany once-off items.

  Internal rate of return calculator

Calculates money weighted or time weighted returns based on inputs.

  SITUS tax comparison calculator

Calculates scenarios and compares product appropriateness given customisable variables.

  Share portfolio restructuring template

Used to rebalance a share portfolio based on desired per share weights. Determines total costs applicable (incl. STRATE, protection levy, etc.) as well as capital gains tax applicable. The shares remaining in the portfolio following a rebalance can be rounded to any predetermined denominator (10’s,100’s, 1000‘s).

  Effective tax rate calculator

Determine an individual or corporation’s effective tax rate based on customisable inputs.

  Fact sheet builder

  Brokerage Calculator

  Specialised Graphs